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LA Design District | Melrose
December 2022 — March 2023

An oasis for music lovers.  A gorgeous showroom filled with the iconic albums and artwork of John van Hamersveld, surrounded by the unmatched craftsmanship of beautiful handmade Wrensilva consoles. 

Collection curated, installed and produced by Charles Adler

Wrensilva x JVH
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An annual showcase of adventure, non-fiction films and stories from the mountains to the sea. 

A thoughtfully curated selection of hand picked artists and photographers.  The art tells a deep story of the love and lifestyles that inhabits our coastal lands.

Art show curated and produced by Charles Adler

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Doheny State Beach, Dana Point CA
September 30 — October 2, 2022

With the return of The Cove Gallery, this year saw an expansive exhibition focused deeply on music and board culture - beautifully blending both old and new. The show brought together photography, painting, sculpture and illustration from over 80 artists. 

Art show curated and produced by Charles Adler

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This three day festival takes place throughout the iconic coastal town of laguna beach. It will be a celebration of everything coast related shared through the best of film, photography, art, and music. 

A curated selection of national and local photographers and artists are invited to exhibit their work at seven 7 seven. These artists are hand-picked based on their commitment to the outdoors and their ability to tell a deep story of coastal lands and the lifestyles they promote.

Art show curated and produced by Charles Adler




The Era of Cool

Pacific City Gallery

November 29, 2019 — January 31, 2020

A magnificent display of the iconic multidisciplinary artwork of John van Hamersveld.  

A far reaching collection of photography, original illustrations, graphic design, large scale digital prints, original vinyl and art rock posters spanning from 1964 to today.

Collection curated, installed and produced by Charles Adler

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Celebrating Women Making Waves

Los Angeles — October 5, 2019

A lively evening, in honor of Kim Johnson of the Kokua Hawaii Foundation for her extraordinary work protecting our ocean and her support of Surfrider. 

Art auction curated and produced by Charles Adler

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Photographs from the Masters

Pacific City Gallery - August 2 — September 1, 2019

A celebration of two timeless photographers who've captured the sentiment and sport of surf throughout the years. Join us as we celebrate the induction of Art Brewer and Jeff Divine into the Huntington Beach Walk of Fame as cultural contributors.  

Hosted in conjunction with the US Open of Surfing 2019 in beautiful Huntington Beach. 

Collection curated, installed and produced by Charles Adler

20/20 Surf Show
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The Ranch at Laguna Beach - August 3, 2019

A night under the stars celebrating surfing, pay tribute to some of the most colorful people in the world and raise money and awareness for the oceans.


Kai Lenny - Waterman of the Year

Dianna Cohen - Environmentalist of the Year

Mark Richards - Lifetime Achievement Award

Art auction curated and produced by Will Pennartz and Charles Adler

Watermans Ball
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Huntington Beach - April 2019
A Harbour 60 Year Exhibit. An evening of special guests, music, film, food, drinks, surfboards, photographs & treasures.

A Charles R. Adler Production, dedicated to Rich Harbour

Generously Sponsored  by:

Beachwood Brewing • InvestCloud, Inc. • Ola Mexican Kitchen • Razor Bridge
R&R Identification, Inc. • Seal Beach Winery • Surfworks USA

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